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Commercial Leasing Agent

Set up office in Cebu, BPO, commercial office or warehouse, or find a candidate site for expansion or relocation. Expand your retail network, PETROLEUM outlets and service centres, retail stores, bakeshops, specialty shops and other outlets. We work as your third party site acquisition team with dedicated service of due diligence on candidate sites.

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Cebu Warehouse

Are you transport businesses, importers, exporters, producers or manufacturers, wholesalers, customs, who is looking for larger plain buildings in industrial areas of cities and towns and villages in Cebu. Looking for stored goods like raw materials,packing materials, spare parts, components, or even finished goods associated with agriculture.

Then you may need warehouse for to utilized for anything on your storage and holding of goods until that may discharged to the shops and branches. with warehouse you can creates time utility by storing extra products to balance demand and supply.

We can help you to find Cebu Warehouses that can be rented or owned.
To buy or lease a warehouse building, you may call us to help you find a great warehouse depends on your needs, we got lots of contacts and information regarding different types of cebu rented warehouses buildings available.


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